rino tagliafierro beauty tyron tv

Old Masters spring to life digitally in Rino Tagliafierro’s spell-binding “B E A U T Y”

Even 30 years ago, B E A U T Y would have been nothing short of supernatural.

Baroque paintings come elegantly to life, the subjects moving gently in their poses.  The delicate scenery expands into breath-taking dimension.

It’s as though you were standing inside the scene, or rather, inside the moment.

rino tagliafierro beauty tyron tv

The film is the work of Italian video creator Rino Tagliafierro, who is known for his innovative visual styleand expertise with digital effects.  He’s created videos for the likes of DigitalismFour Tet andStumbleine.

I first met Rino at the Sapporo Festival in Japan, where he was showing a selection of his stylish music videos.  He has a quiet intensity and thoughtfulness to him; he is the craftsman, visionary and worker all rolled into one.

…Beauty is an experiment that brings together the coldness of technology with the fieriness of emotions expressed by art.  ‘Experimental’ is not a tag or a label. It’s a risk, it’s a plunge into something that is unconscious.” – Rino Tagliafierro (Nesoart)

Rino brings many of his concepts to life with a minimum of resources, which makes them all the more inspiring.

To create B E A U T Y, he separated the paintings into layers and then painstakingly “restored” the hidden areas.  This allows individual elements to move without exposing empty space behind them.

The effect is so seamless that it is impossible to tell where the original work ends and the digital retouching starts.

I think it’s a spell-binding film and a staggering technical achievement (the internet agrees).

Never mind Caravaggio, Rino Tagliafierro is the New Master!

rino tagliafierro beauty tyron tv

rino tagliafierro beauty tyron tv

rino tagliafierro beauty tyron tv


…There was a high risk of exaggerating the characters’ movements and therefore ending up with something that looked artificial. I carefully measured the flow of the gestures throughout the whole video by using minimal, non-invasive movements.” – Rino Tagliafierro (Swide)