BEAUTY @ Huesca Film Festival

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42nd edition keeps the cornerstones that have marked the festival trajectory without discarding some novelties. A whole range of actions will be set so that Alto Aragón may own the festival as part of its living history and preserve the international prestigue earned over time.

The main objective is both to become a reference point in the culture of Huesca and a meeting point for short film makers, to whom the festival may become an international launch pad for their works. The new management team is aware that this twin goal is to be achieved by hard work and maximizing available resources, but, above all, through the involvement of the whole society.

We are going to take care of the short film as the all meaningful essence of the festival. The contest section will be at the festival core, along with other activities which may provide a balanced schedule.

The festival goes beyond the official week. There will be a special effort to build bridges with other projects and cultural agents coming from Huesca social life. This cooperation will lead to a wide range of previous events conforming the prelude to the 42nd edition.

The festival will seek to exploit the great potential of its main venue, the Olimpia Theater, an emblem of the Alto Aragón capital city. Official screenings will take place in its beautiful main stage, though some other less known corners will also be discovered.

Another public and private venues of the city will complement this main axis at the Olimpia Theater, thus fostering this fundamental bond between Huesca and the festival.



“Beauty” has been selected for the 42th Huesca International Film Festival, which will take place from June 16 th  to June 21th.

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