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Putti.  A wonderful, possibly risqué-sounding word, almost unabashedly plopped itself into the conversation in the latest edition of Life Elsewhere, (January 27). I had asked Mark Burstein, the President of The Lewis Carroll Society of North America about Mr. Carroll‘s  much-debated penchant for taking photographs of naked or near-naked young girls.  Burstein, eloquently replied that in Victorian times, the sight of near naked young people were conspicuously adorning the walls of almost every home.  “They were called, Putti!” He chuckled. Mark Burstein had a point of course. I recall those overly dramatic scenes in prints from paintings, hanging in both my grandmothers home’s. They always featured nymphs or languid, perhaps dying, scantily-clad young girls on boats or misty landscapes, with mysterious doorways or gates nestled into rocks, with shadowy Cyprus trees creating impenetrable swaths of darkness. Yes, I remember those pictures, similar images appeared on china-ware, jewel boxes and all manner of trinkets and nic-nacs. Yet, can these tableaus be compared alongside Lewis Carroll‘s photographs? I’m not so sure, so we will follow-up on Mr. Burstein‘s assessment in the next edition of Life Elsewhere (February 3) with another take on the topic with Lindsay Fulcher from The UK Lewis Carroll Society….Meanwhile, while doing research on Putti, I discovered this amazing video from director Rino Stefano Tagliafierro….I wonder what Lewis Carroll would make of Girls With Vinyl Records?….Unmarked are a Mexican company making very cool shoes. I like the choice of colors for the laces….while I’m on the subject of apparel, what could be better than a sweater designed for the Morrissey fan….I’ve never really been into motorbikes, but I can understand the appeal, Dice Magazine helps….lovely, inventive photography from Italian, Ramona Zordini. Make sure you check out “Changing Time 11 2013″….there is always room, in my opinion for a fine art approach to fashion photography, NYC based Dominik Tarabanski does this very well. Here is her artist’s statement to her series entitled “Transitions” “What if you could carry a meadow with you? Grow into the cotton fibres. Get so close so you could become one, but still be yourself. Dilute into it, diffuse, disappear. And become another.”….it happens often, someone riding in my car says, “What’s that?” about the music playing. It happened again today and took me by surprise, because I thought everybody must have heard Uptown Top Ranking by Althea & Donna! Then, I realized I was playing the Jamaican singing duo’s Going To Negril. It’s a bit rare, so I’m sharing it with you….