M+A “MY SUPER8″ @ Animae Caribe –  Animation and new Media Festival,  2013
from 28th October to November 2nd 2013

SITE: http://animaecaribe.com/

Animae Caribe is an animation festival held every year in the caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago.
We enter our 2013 festival with a dynamic new look and among many other exciting new stories, we dive into the digital world even more this year.  We are proud and excited to launch our new website, and coming soon   we will have a platform to showcase old and new animations from the festival.  ‘Animae Caribe Screening Room’ will allow our online visitors to view animations from around the world and for the first time we will be streaming our festival screening programme online.  So if for some reason you cannot make our sun-filled animated shores you can take in the screening in the privacy of your own space.

AnimaeCaribe was founded to raise the awareness of animation and technology in the Caribbean.  This provides an outlet for young, innovative animators in the Caribbean and exposes their talents to a wider audience.  We are looking forward to opening doors for other Caribbean Islands as we are hoping to hold the festival in Barbados, Antigua, Jamaica, St. Lucia, Grenada and St. Vincent.  Animae Caribe is supported by the Trinidad and Tobago Film Company, the University of Trinidad and Tobago, and Toon Boom Animation.  We will continue our pioneering efforts to put a Caribbean stamp in the fantastical world of animation.

Animae Caribe will be celebrating its 2013 edition with dynamic, beautiful animations from around the world.  Workshops and panel will include discussions on animation and the diaspora, the business of animation, digital media and storytelling, the future of Caribbean stories and folklore in a digital world and so much more.