Official video for the track ‘Capulet’ from the album ‘Spiderwebbed’ by Stumbleine, on Monotreme Records Ltd.


Director: Rino Stefano Tagliafierro
Assistant Director: Valentina Branchetti
Editing: Rino Stefano Tagliafierro
Actrors: the ghost, Carlotta Balestrieri, Valentina Branchetti, Arianna Fabiano, Nilufar Ninfea Khademi, Anisa Korriku, Beatrice Manigrasso, GianMaria Pizzi, Sergio Parra, Alexa Sonsino, Laila Sonsino, Milo Terenziani
Thanks to: Valentina Pontoni, la Lina
Format: Video VHS

Video for track 3 from the album ‘Spiderwebbed’ by Bristol, UK electronic producer Stumbleine.

Released 29th October 2012 worldwide on Monotreme Records. Available on CD, digital download and 180 gm vinyl (choice of translucent purple or black) – includes a free CD of the album and digital download.

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Emerging from the ever fertile music scene of Bristol, UK, rising electronic producer Stumbleine has already built a sizeable following with several self-released EPs and a recent compilation album, in addition to collaborative outings with fellow producer ASA. He also reports for active duty as one third of dubstep envelope pushers Swarms, whose music has found favour among tastemaker DJs such as Mary Anne Hobbs.

On Spiderwebbed, his enrapturing, genre transcending debut album proper; Stumbleine beautifully showcases the multifaceted nature of his music, seamlessly weaving fractured beats, synths, hazy distorted guitars and soulful vocals, to create glowing, expansive sonic vistas.

In keeping with the album’s title, the music hangs gossamer like, a delicate suspension of sound; beautifully anchored to an array of solid syncopated beats.

Guest vocalists CoMa and Steffaloo contribute their ample talents to the dreamy ‘The Beat My Heart Skips’ and a cover of Mazzy Star’s ‘Fade Into You’, and Birds of Passage lend warmth and poignancy to Catherine Wheel.

Elsewhere, silky, spectral RnB vocals spin plaintively through the shimmering ‘Capulet’ and Solar Flare, whilst the chilled, sweeping cadences of ‘Honey Comb’ and ‘The Corner Of Her Eye’ offer perfect counterweight to the taut urban swing of ‘If You’ and ‘Cherry Blossom.’

RIYL: Neon Indian, Burial, Gold Panda, Cocteau Twins